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Fred Constable & Son Ltd Company History

Fred Constable & Son Ltd has experienced some exciting changes since getting our start in business in 1947. Read the following timeline for details.

1940 Fred Constable and his wife, Bessie are working on the family farm, located west of Maple, Ontario. Ken is born.

1945 Fred starts borrowing tools from retired Mr. Jackson in town to repair the old 2” farm well.

1946 Fred’s neighbours start calling on him to repair their wells. He builds a homemade pump hoist on a model “A” Ford truck and the business is started.

1950 Fred builds a homemade drilling rig from Tillsonburg Pipe & Supply to start drilling 2” wells, once again mounting it on a model “A” Ford truck.

1953 Fred buys a factory-built BE Model 21W to drill 4” wells. The rig had been previously owned by Stan Gill from Hamilton, Ontario.

1957 Fred purchases a second 21W from Tillsonburg Pipe & Supply.

1960 Feeling it was time to upgrade, Fred purchased two 20W drilling rigs.

1962 All this time Ken had been working for the township roads department. He decided to quit and work in the family business full time. During the same time, Bessie was looking after the business bookkeeping while raising 6 kids, Ken being the eldest.

1963 Kevin was born, destined to be part of the family business.

1967 The company was incorporated and named Fred Constable & Son Ltd with Ken and Fred operating the company.

1969 It was time to upgrade again, so a 3T Smeal pump hoist was purchased, again from Tillsonburg Pipe & Supply. Though it has gone through several new truck mounts, this hoist is still being used every day.

1973 Another upgrade: Fred and Ken made the decision to upgrade to rotary drilling equipment and a BE model 10R, mounted on a 1965 Ford 750 and powered by a 361 gas engine. The rig was purchased from Northern Well Drilling.

1973 thru 1982 Ken does most of the drilling while Fred looks after the service department.

1983 After 2 years attending S.S.F.C. College, Kevin graduates from the Resources Drilling programme and joins the family business full time. Fred and Bessie retire and start spending winters in Florida.

1984 Another upgrade: A Gardiner Denver 1000 was purchased directly from Gardiner Denver and mounted on a 1973 International D 2000, finally with diesel power. At this time Ken moves into the office to look after the now quickly growing business full time. Kevin starts drilling full time.

1985 A second rotary rig, a Keystone Franks 50 (“Old Mack”) was purchased from the Snider Drilling estate.

1989 More upgrades: the first Top-Head drive, a 1977 Ingersoll Rand, was purchased from I.R. in Montreal. Not long after, “Old Mack” was sold to make some room.

1990 The company was now operating 2 rotary rigs full time, trying to keep up with the demand for wells in the local area. Now that the equipment was getting larger, the company was starting to branch out into larger, more complicated projects.

2002 It was time to replace the old 1000, so in the spring a 1997 Canterra 250 was added to the fleet.

2005 Time to upgrade again; the Canterra was sold and a 2002 GEFCO 30K was purchased from GEFCO in Oklahoma.

2007 Ken decides it’s time to retire and heads to Florida for winter. Kevin takes over the day-to-day operations of the company. Kevin’s wife, Nicole works in the office and looks after the extensive paperwork and bookkeeping.

2008 Fred Constable & Son Ltd currently employs 6 full-time employees, along with Kevin and Nicole in the office.

2013 Kevin sold the 1997 Ingersoll Rand and purchased a 2013 track V-50 from Versa Drill in Indianapolis, Indiana

2018 The 2002 Gefco 30K was involved in a road accident and had to be replaced by a 2007 Versa Drill V-100, purchased from Allan Wright Water Well in Hillsdale, Ontario.

2019 After graduating from the Heavy Equipment Operator course at Sir Sanford Fleming College in Lindsay, Ontario; Kevin and Nicole’s son Kurtis joins the business and starts working mostly on the service truck.

2020 A used 30 tonnes J.C. trailer was purchased to move the V-50 drilling rig.

2020 Due to the changing circumstances of the time, the company currently employs 4 full-time employees along with Kevin and Nicole.

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