How to Choose a Water Well Drilling Contractor

Choosing a Drilling Contractor

It is important to choose a drilling contractor who has experience in your geographical area. Provincial regulations require that all contractors be approved before they are allowed to drill water wells.

Either you or the drilling contractor should complete a survey of existing wells in your area. This survey will provide important information about:

  • Typical yields & water quality
  • Which aquifer to tap into
  • Trends in well construction methods
  • Prior drilling success rates

A drilling contractor cannot always determine in advance the depth at which an adequate water supply will be found. Neighbouring wells offer some guidance but not a definite assurance.

Surveys of existing wells are available for a nominal fee from the Groundwater Information Centre. In some areas, regional groundwater assessment studies are available and may offer help identifying aquifer potential and groundwater quality. Also check with neighbours about their experiences with well performance, well maintenance and water quality changes.

For more information, or to schedule an onsite consultation at your home or business, please contact our office.

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